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My experience stretches back 40 years from the time when I started to work in Riga Piano Factory in 1980. I put strings on over 700 new pianos and got my piano tuning certificate. Some years later I started my own piano business that included tuning, restoration and moving services. During all these years I have been constantly learning. 

My tuning and restoration clients had been Dave Brubeck, American and British Embassy, a variety of artists, schools, concert halls, recording studios and many more. 

My tuning geography includes Baltic States, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Falklands, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden and of course, United Kingdom. 

 I am not afraid of challenges to take on tricky works, the process of them after the completion gives me satisfaction

Best Piano Tuning Service in East Anglia

Even tuning a guitar requires some skill, but piano tuning is much more of a process. When your piano begins to drift out of tune, it’s a good idea to get an expert in – someone who can set the strings and pins, and adjust (or regulate) the action to ensure harmonics and pitches are sounding as they should. If you’re looking for a piano tuning service in East Anglia, get in touch with Tuning & Moving on +447770476006 with possibly some information about the make and model of your instrument and how if had been looked after.

Full Tuning Services

No matter if you’re a professional pianist preparing for a recital or an amateur playing at home, I am a experienced piano expert offering full tuning services. I work with you to understand the requirements of where you’ll be playing and tune the piano accordingly. Whether you’re preparing for a classical piece or setting up for large commercial concert venue I am capable of tuning them all.


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